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India Business Law Journal - March 2024

Volume 17, Issue 8

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In this issue

Data privacy considerations for technology companies

By Harsh Kumar and Indraneel Chakraborty, Kaizen Law

Data Privacy Guide

Everything you need to know to understand and comply with India’s new data protection regime

Ministry sets national standards for operating crèches

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has introduced the National Minimum Standards and Protocol for Crèches (Operation and Management)

global data protection compliance strategyvideo

Global compliance with data protection regimes

By Mathew Chacko, Aadya Misra, Ada Shaharbanu and Ritika Acharya, Spice Route Legal
Embracing artificial intelligence

Embracing artificial intelligence

Tips and tricks on introducing custom-built AI systems

India Data Protection key aspectsvideo

The key aspects of India’s Data Protection Act

By Cyril Abrol, Remfry & Sagar
Google's Service Fee


Government halts Google Play’s delisting of Indian apps amid dispute over service fees

Proactive approach needed to fight counterfeiters

A call to action

Proactive approach needed to fight counterfeiters

New act brings telecoms up to speed

New act brings telecoms up to speed

By Ashima Obhan and Manisha Khalkho, Obhan & Associates
India’s Digital Personal Data Protection Actvideo

Planning and implementing best-practice compliance

By Prashanth Shivadass and Shri Gayathri, Shivadass & Shivadass Law Chambers
India’s telecoms act

Any hangups?

India’s telecoms act updates an outdated regime but brings with it privacy and implementation concerns

India Business Law Journal – March 2024

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