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Feel your way

Intricate IP landscape requires companies to tread lightly at home and abroad

SHIAC opens Hong Kong centre to spark global push
Elite lawyers' work-life balance

What hobbies do A-List lawyers indulge in outside of work?

China’s in-house counsel prepare for sweeping Company Law revisions

China’s in-house counsel gear up for sweeping Company Law revisions

Common misconceptions when selecting arbitrators
tips on promoting legal practices internally

In-house counsel share tips on internal communication

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Analysis of key issues in non-competition disputes in Shanghai

By Shaw Zhao and He Yanling, Jingtian & Gongcheng

IPR protection for companies going abroad

By Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal
Common misconceptions when selecting arbitrators

Common misconceptions when selecting arbitrators

By Tian Hongtao, Zhilin Law Firm
Risks of circumventing the Investment Canada Act

Circumventing ICA ‒ and the risks of anti-circumvention

By Wang Jihong and Zhao Huiqi, Zhong Lun Law Firm
securities fraud administrative penalties evidentiary standards

Evidentiary standards in securities fraud administrative penalties

By Guan Zhaoyang and Jeffery Quan, ETR Law Firm
Guidelines for effective IP management-Starrise Law Firm

Guidelines for effective IP management

By Ma Xueyan, Starrise Law Firm
Rulings BRI construction contractsvideo

Rulings on back-to-back clauses in BRI construction contracts

By Chen Yuanfei, Anli Partners


Generative AI: EU’s framework for classifying risks

By Ma Weiyang and Wang Ze, Lianggao Law Firm

Regulations governing training material for generative AI

By Estella Chen, Zhao Minxi, and Chao Xin, Han Kun Law Offices


Advantages of arbitration in aviation dispute resolution

The BAC has accepted many disputes involving international aviation treaties

Calculating breach of contract damages in arbitration

In this article, we summarise the analytical process for disputes with respect to liability for breach of contract and damages on lost profits 

Essential roles of arbitration case managers

Procedural justice holds significant value in arbitration and case managers


Pump up the volume

How do accomplished in-house counsel effectively spread the legal message within their own organisations?

Embracing change

With a drastically modified Company Law around the corner, Cheng Guangdong, general counsel at Nanshan Group, dissects key revisions in preparation for a lengthy transition

Grind and unwind

Long working hours may be part and parcel of the lawyer experience, but it does not have to compromise other pursuits in life

Leading the way

Great leadership is irreplaceable, especially in tough market conditions, guiding law firms and young talent through adversity

Feel your way

GCs, IP partners discuss navigating economic, regulatory complexities for Chinese and foreign companies

Risky landing

Senior in-house counsel at China Power International analyse risks for overseas energy power plant investments, and delve into defence strategies

In-house Counsel Awards 2024

After extensive market research, we unveil the winners of the In-house Counsel Awards 2024

On the move

Elections, political tensions, accelerated regulation and shifting sands of opportunity are some of the factors influencing law firm movements in the region

Peer power

Legal team leaders from Caocao, China Power, Shaeffler, SAIC-GM and Taikang share their outlooks for 2024


Joining forces

Foreign investment is welcome in joint ventures, however each jurisdiction has its own unique rules

Doing right, Doing good

Recent trends in three Asian markets demostrate need for corporate governance

The A-List: Japan’s top lawyers

We reveal our choices of the nation's top lawyers and, for the first time, we also introduce our selection of Legal Icons for Japan's legal sector

M&A mechanisms

Most law firms are bullish about anticipated upticks in M&A activity

Competition mission

An analysis of four Asian jurisdictions offers the latest legal information on local competition practices

Malaysia Law Firm Awards

Asia Business Law Journal names the country’s top law firms

Rescue Remedies

We explore bankruptcy law systems in mainland China and India, and Hong Kong courts on winding-up arguments

Taking it to court

Effective litigation requires familarity with different courts and systems

Medical devices regulation in China

By Huang Lu, JunHe

How are localisation policies and classification standards impacting both Chinese and foreign medical device manufacturers?

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