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Foreign firms grab the reins to fuel India Inc’s rising ambitions

Government Role Space Sector Growth

Chandrayaan-3 mission puts spotlight on public-private collaboration in space sector

Issues Impacting India's Emerging Startup Ecosystem

A look at the key factors that have spelled trouble for India’s prized startup sector

India digital lending default loss guarantee

Default loss guarantees in digital lending revisited

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal


Final frontier, first opportunities

India’s successful moon mission has shone a light on the expanding involvement of private companies in space. The afterburners are being applied to previously held up projects

Reward for invention

Inventor remuneration laws are needed to increase the number of patents filed in the country, writes Balwant Rawat, the head of IP at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

Self-policing fintech

India’s banking regulator wants the fintech sector to form self-regulatory organisations

Eyes on the Middle East

A common vision for growth has helped the India-UAE trade relationship to scale new heights

Mixed signals

Domestic opposition to opening of legal market gives foreign law firms pause for thought

The Test

While curbs and regulation of the burgeoning online gaming industry are necessary, has the government gone too far?

CCI in paralysis

Government indecision on a major appointment to India's antitrust watchdog has left it in a regulatory limbo, unable to properly enforce or protect, Freny Patel reports

Deals of the year 2022

India Business Law Journal reveals the standout deals and disputes of 2022 and the law firms that showed their worth in successfully concluding them

In-house Counsel Awards 2022

India Business Law Journal reveals the achievements of the country’s leading in-house counsel and corporate legal teams who have been selected as this year’s winners


Reward for invention

Inventor remuneration laws are needed to increase the number of patents filed in the country, writes Balwant Rawat, the head of IP at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India

Seen to be green

At a time of heightened environmental consciousness, using green catchphrases and identifiers can be tempting for companies to mislead consumers, writes Sunanda Bharti

New safety net a surety

Surety insurance bonds are adding a level of sophistication to India’s insurance sector while strengthening infrastructure development and the economy at large


Data about to become even more personal

By Mathew Chacko and Aadya Misra, Spice Route Legal

CCI publishes draft regulations on settlements, commitments

By Modhulika Bose, P&A Law Offices

Regulation is not writing off write-offs

By Sawant Singh and Aditya Bhargava, Phoenix Legal
Japan investment regulations

Regulation chips in to spark Japan investment

By Pradeep Ratnam, Anshuman Singh and Samad Ali, Kochhar & Co.
korean brands make up cosmetics market

Korean brands will make up the cosmetics market

By Rajat Prakash, Siddharth Mahajan and Naina Chandok, Athena Legal
gems and jewel FDIvideo

Gems the jewel in the FDI crown

By Rohit Jain and Apeksha Lodha, Singhania & Co.
Influence marketing on investment decisionvideo

The influence marketing has on investment decisions

By Vandana Pai and Hardik Dave, Bharucha & Partners
smoother aircraft runway under new billvideo

Aircraft lessors hope for a smoother runway under new bill

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Jyotiranjan Nayak, Bharucha & Partners
India copyright infringement

Infringing copyright and websites simply not cricket

By Manisha Singh and Malyashree Sridharan, LexOrbis

Hope for financially stressed subsidiaries of overseas companies

By Gautam Khurana and Bharat Khurana, India Law Offices

No green finance framework no sustainable development

By Rajesh K Sehgal, Dentons Link Legal
AI Act ethical implications regulation

Real intelligence must supervise AI and soon

By Ashima Obhan and Aparna Amnerkar, Obhan & Associates
bad faith trademark cancellation

Bad faith means no trademark protection

By Manisha Singh and Omesh Puri, LexOrbis
Affidavits not evidence trade mark applications

Affidavits not only evidence in trademark applications

By Manisha Singh and Omesh Puri, LexOrbis

Leave under a cloud leave shares behind

By Swathi Girimaji, Bharucha & Partners


Zero tolerance on inaction by intermediaries regarding content harmful to children

By Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand

Delhi High Court shoots down YouTube’s ‘mere passive observer’ stand, write Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal and Siddhant Chamola of Anand and Anand

Managing founder disputes in startups

By Nitu Agarwal, YNSS Law Offices

Investors must safeguard themselves from potential disputes arising between founders by having a strong encompassing agreement in place that foresees all possible scenarios

Navigating global privacy laws: Best practices

By Sreenidhi Srinivasan and Mayank Takawane, Ikigai Law

With privacy laws in rapid development around the world, businesses with global ambitions must implement an effective data strategy and improve ‘data hygiene’ within their organisations

Proxy wars in patent litigation: Not always a viable strategy

By Pravin Anand and Vaishali Mittal, Anand and Anand

A recent decision by the Competition Commission of India has put the lid on infringers with frivolous patent allegations

Rainbow Papers judgment: Clouds loom over IBC

By Soumitra Majumdar and Utkarsh Bandhu, JSA

By recognising the state government as a secured creditor, the Rainbow Papers judgment exposes the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code to incongruous uncertainty

Time for pre-grant opposition process review

By Archana Shanker, Anand & Anand


Full speed ahead

India Business Law Journal is pleased to present its selection of the top 15 foreign law firms for India-related work

The International A-list 2023

IBLJ identifies the top India-focused international lawyers who have led billion-dollar deals and won over clients

Indian Law Firm Awards 2023

We recognise the ingenuity and achievements of the country’s top law firms

ChatGPT and legal

With the rage that it has quickly become, what can we learn about ChatGPT and the legal profession? 

Staying on top of data privacy

In this edited extract from a roundtable hosted by India Business Law Journal and Ikigai Law, moderator Sreenidhi Srinivasan and a distinguished panel of global data privacy experts discuss how companies can create globally compliant data privacy policies

Deals of the year 2022

India Business Law Journal reveals the standout deals and disputes of 2022 and the law firms that showed their worth in successfully concluding them


Hard Knocks

How did China’s legal market fare in the locked down year of 2022? Our annual survey, featuring 88 leading law firms, reveals the answers

Legal AI’d

Sharyn Ch’ang, PwC’s Asia-Pacific NewLaw director, depicts a future where AI integrates with the legal profession

Smart Moves

With businesses besieged on multiple fronts, Chinese and international law firms offer tips for survival

Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2023

Asia Business Law Journal names the country’s top law firms

The X Factor

Amid strategic shifts, general counsel are reviewing law firm relationships and prioritising selection factors

Singapore swing

The harmonious blend of common law traditions and bustling commerce is transforming the Lion City into a beacon of legal excellence

Broadening your counsel

As businesses expand across borders, general counsel share the journey and confront myriad legal tests

Counsel in command

The role of Japanese in-house lawyers has undergone a remarkable shift in recent times, says the president of the Japan In-House Lawyers Association

Power moves

Partners at Chinese and international law firms analyse changes under the new registration-based listing regime as the momentum shifts on going public

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