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China Business Law Journal - April 2023

Volume 14, Issue 4

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  • The threshold of change: Big benefits from progressive IP protection but tech advances bring fresh challenges
  • IP heads share insights into global IP strategy and protection
  • ESG awareness sets off green investment and reforms
  • Lexicon: AI and directors’ duties
In this issue

Service trusts in bankruptcy management and risk disposal

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

China IP case study: How Hisense protects its appliances and electronics overseas

Expanding into overseas markets is a critical choice in the transformation and growth of Chinese enterprises, and for their move up the value chain

Customs challenge for post-importation TP adjustments

Post-importation transfer pricing (TP) adjustments have always presented great challenges for multinational companies doing business in China


Compliance management with employment conflicts of interest

By Tracy Liu and Larry Lian, Jingtian & Gongcheng
Remedies for rejection of reconsideration

Remedies for rejection of reconsideration applications

By Chen Zhuo and Zheng Yeye, Tian Yuan Law Firm
Using IP law to protect data

Using IP umbrella to shield data shows legal gaps

By Yang Xun and Yan Yi, Llinks Law Offices

Challenges and solutions for Chinese patent applications

By Wu Li, Zhang Xiaoning, and Yang Jian, Lifang & Partners
Abuse of dominant market position

Determination of abuse of dominant market position

By Ryan Fang and Simon Shi, Jingtian & Gongcheng

The threshold of change

Big benefits from progressive IP protection but tech advances bring fresh challenges

ChatGPT era IP protection

IP protection in the ChatGPT era

By Wang Yan and Li Yue, Han Kun Law Offices

Know-how protection and countermeasures for litigation

By Sun Yan, Tian Yuan Law Firm

IP strategy in AI times

By Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal
Customs services and IP protection in China

China customs services and IP protection

By Tom Tang, Joint-Win Partners

China Business Law Journal – April 2023

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